About the Founder - Danielle Lucas

My name is Danielle Lucas and in July 2016 I founded Care 4 Kids Ltd, a Not-For-Profit and Registered Charity.

I was inspired to start my Charity as a result of growing up in a family affected by Domestic Violence.  I regularly witnessed my dad beat my mum.  Even from the young age of 5 I knew what dad was doing was so wrong and I would try and defend her even though I would usually end up being beaten as well.

In 1980, my life changed forever when mum succumbed to years of physical and mental abuse and passed away.

All these emotions built up over the years and led to a complete mental breakdown four years ago, although it turned out to be the best thing to happen to me.  This breakdown finally allowed me to deal with and break free from my past and all the baggage that came with it.  This has enabled me to become the person I am today with the undying support and love from my husband and daughter.

I always wanted to give something back and do something with children.  I was helping a friend with school backpacks for an orphanage and came up with the idea of Care Packs for children affected by Domestic Violence.

I was so excited to make a difference with Care 4 Kids Ltd and I wanted to get the Packs to the front line where children need them the most so I approached the local Police Station and we haven’t looked back.  I fill the packs with colouring items, bubbles, stickers, lollipops and to date, approximately 9200 Care Packs have been made and distributed through police stations across NSW, the Australian Federal Police in the ACT and the AFP and Northern Territory Police in Darwin. Also Care Packs will be supplied to Family and Community Services across NSW.  

My achievements so far include participating in speaking events across the State, receiving the NSW Police Certificate of Appreciation, being acknowledged in Parliament, nominated as NSW Australian of the Year 2018, and 2018 NSW Premier’s Women of the Year, nominated as Community Group of the Year, involved in the White Ribbon Walk locally, TV and Radio interviews, articles in the local paper, funding my Charity on my own and feedback from the Police saying what I do is potentially saving lives.


One Woman Can Make a Difference….I am That Woman, and You Can Be Too!

Danielle Lucas