"The packs have been absolutely wonderful in assisting NSW Police Force to engage with kids at the most difficult times. We have also used the packs to engage young children involved in the death of their parents and/or family members, significant traumatic events, car accidents and witness to homicide not to mention victim children in the domestic violence matters".
Miranda Police Station

An Email I received from Senior Constable Michelle Goble:

Good Morning Danielle,

I would just like to take the time to express the difference the care packs are making when dealing with victims and children involved in Domestic Violence incidents.

I attend court every Wednesday facilitating the Apprehended Violence Order process, sadly we are seeing an increase in the amount of victims needing to bring their children to the court and being exposed to this environment. I have found the care packs to be extremely helpful in settling children whilst their going through this traumatic experience. Settling the children allows Domestic Violence Liaison Officers to then be able to further engage with the Victims and make the process just that little bit easier.

Care packs have also been useful when conducting Apprehended Violence Compliance checks at victims homes. Engaging the children through handing out the care packs is breaking down the barriers between the victims, children and police as children are often scared of the uniform. Breaking down these barriers is allowing police into the homes to detect and deter further offences.

After 15 years of policing at Blacktown Police one thing that always stands out for me is the impact of Domestic Violence on children as they don't have a choice or a voice to change the situation. Those brief moments when police are able to take the focus of the situation away through the use of the care packs really does make a huge difference to the children, victims and police.

Their an invaluable source for police and the generosity shown by you and your family is much appreciated.   

Regards, Michelle Goble Senior Constable Domestic Violence Liaison Blacktown LAC

Email I received from Senior Constable Katie Oregon from DVLO Inner West:

 Thanks again for all of the care packs, children's toys and ladies handbags you supplied me with last year. The refuge at Tempe (Allira's Place) and the Marian Centre in Lewisham were so appreciative of all the donations. It makes a huge difference for them, especially the small refuge in Tempe that doesn't receive a huge amount of funding and has such a high turn over of women and children facing desperate times.

These ladies are usually placed there from regional town such as Moree and Bourke and don't arrive with a great deal. I also find that it gives me an excuse for want of a better word to contact the refuges and offer to bring around the items from you and talk to the women. Thanks again, and hopefully you might be able to supply me with more goodies this year.

Katie Oregan Senior Constable DVLO Inner West PAC 9550 8199

Letter from Senior Constable Kelly Swords and Ceri Walker from Miranda DV Team: